Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass fishing on Lake of the Woods is exciting and plentiful. Lake of the Woods is rated one of the top ten Smallmouth Bass fishing lakes in North America. Plan your next Canada bass fishing trip to Lake of the Woods. See below for the best times to go bass fishing and the best lures to use.

Pound for pound small mouth are the best fighting fresh water fish. Smallmouth fishing on Lake of the woods is abundant and is a great fishing experience.

In early spring we find Smallmouth Bass school up on shallow reefs and points preparing to spawn. To catch these exciting fish during early spring we recommend using artificial eg.( crank baits, soft jerk baits) live bait alternatives are a jig and a minnow or hook and a leech.

Spring fishing for smallmouth Bass: we find smallies in their spawning areas which are in shallow sandy bays and rocky shorelines. For success during this time we recommend top water artificial baits like e.g. (skitter pops, chug bugs, tube jigs) For live bait options jig and a leech used by casting over bed and reeling in.

Summer bass fishing: In the summer, smallmouth bass are found on 5-15′ reefs. Recommended method of fishing is tube jugs, and crank baits or a jig and a leech.

Fall bass fishing: we find them in their early spring areas again which are shallow reefs and points.

The season is all year long. Smallmouth bass fishing regulations are as follows:
January 1 – May 31 you are allowed 4 a day with a full license and 4 in possession and 2 a day and 2 in possession with a conservation license, and all have to be under 13.75″ long
June 1-30 is catch and release only.
July 1 – December 31 you can keep 4 a day and 4 in possession with a full license and 2 a day and 2 in possession with a conservation license, there is no size limit at this time.

All bass possession are in combination of smallmouth and largemouth.