Our guided hunts take place in Northwestern Ontario’s Pristine, remote wilderness. We have one of the largest populations as well as the some of the biggest Whitetail Deer in all of North America! The Boreal forest of our region is an excellent home for Trophy Deer to live. Northwestern Ontario’s deer are big. This is due to genetics as well as the environment the Deer live in.

Our region is known for it’s rugged terrain. We have deep, thick forest and cold winter temperatures which cause the Deer to be more active and eat a lot. Deer need large muscular bodies to survive in these conditions.

* Most hunters hunt from tree stands or ground blinds near trails, rubs, scraps, feeding areas, or by using drives to push deer to waiting standers.

*The Ontario Record Whitetail Buck was harvested in our region in 2004 with a score of 223 gr 199 7/8 net green score.

You can rent a cabin to sleep in and go out on your own for hunting. We offer meal plans where you can choose to have packed lunches and dinner or just dinner each day. All of our meals are delicious home cooked meals that include our famous fresh homemade bread, salad, your main course and desert. We promise you’ll never go hungry!

*It is important to choose equipment carefully for an Ontario deer hunt. Autumn temperatures can fall well below freezing and snow is always a possibility. Warm footwear, hats, and layered clothing topped with a wool or fleece shell is vital to be comfortable during your hunt. Be sure to pack an orange hat and vest as well.