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Northern Pike

Northern Pike fishing on Lake of the woods is commonly found everywhere on the lake. The average size are 20 to 30″ and many upwards to 45″.

Northern Pike are very abundant on Lake of the Woods with excellent opportunities at 40″ plus fish.In Early spring and spring alike they are found in shallow bays where they spawn.Examples are Brule Bay, Knickerbocker & Ghost Bay. We recommend Husky Jerks, Suicks and for live bait we use Sucker Minnows.

In the Summer Northern Pike are found mostly in deep cool water & move up to the shallow for feeding. This time of year spoons are very successful. Other options are soft Jerk baits & Spinner baits.

In the Fall Northern Pike will move to shallow water as water temperatures drop so they can feed. For success in the fall Northern Pike fishing we reccommend Spinner baits & spoons & soft Jerk Baits.

Season is all year. Possession is 4 in a day & 4 in possession. There is also a slot size that you can’t keep them which is 27.5 to 35.4″. You can keep only one trophy Northern Pike per licence 35.4″ and over.