Lake of the Woods Crappie fishing is fun and yields 13″ plus Crappies on an every day basis. See below for crappie fishing techiques for fishing in our area as well as the Ontario crappie fishing season. Lake of the Woods also has fishing for walleye, muskie, northern pike, lake trout, perch, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.

Spring and Summer Crappie Fishing Tips
Early Spring to Summer Crappies are found on weedy shorelines & in weedy bays with muddy bottoms. To catch Crappies, a small jig (1/16oz or even 1/32oz) tipped with a minnow works best. You need to drop the jig down to the bottom into the weeds, then pull up and pop it over the weeds and let it sink to the bottom again. Just keep repeating this technique. In early morning and in evening it works the best.

Fall Crappie Fishing Tips
In fall Crappie move into deep bays in about 40 feet of water & we use the same bait tipped with minnow. The technique then to catch Crappies is to vertically jig off the bottom.

Crappie Fishing Season
Season is open all year.

Crappie Fishing Regulations
With a full limit licence you are allowed 15 a day and 15 in possession.
With a Conservation Licence you are allowed 10 a day and 10 in Possession