Muskie fishing on Lake of the Woods is exciting and will get your adrenalin pumping. Muskie fishing on Lake of the Woods produces for the Serious fisherman.

The fierce and unpredictable world record muskie awaits you here on Whitefish Bay on Lake of the Woods. Muskie Fishing on Lake of the Woods has produced over 50″ muskies caught in all seasons. It produces for both the die hard casting and trolling fisherman and the plain lucky novice Muskie Fisherman.

Without exaggerating over the years our guest who have been Muskie fishing on Lake of the Woods, have even caught some over 55″. Artificial baits used to troll and cast are what we recommend. eg.( large spoons, suicks, large mepps, reef Haugs) The season for muskies starts on the third saturday of June and ends Dec. 15. The possession limit is one a day, two in possession and they have to be over 54″ to keep them.