Lake of the Woods Perch Fishing is known for jumbo size Perch being caught.The Perch are averaging 10-12″ & 14″ are not uncommon. Perch follow the same pattern as Walleyes.

Early spring and Spring is time for fishing deep upwards to 20′ to 50′. The most successful approach to catching Perch in early spring and Spring is using a 3/8 oz jig tipped with a minnow. Challenging as this is it can produce great fishing

Summer time Perch fishing is typically done on humps at 15′ to 30′. We find using a jig and a minnow with a snap swivel or barrel swivel technique the most effective.

Fall fishing for Perch resembles spring fishing. They move just off there spring shallow spots to bays and inlets. Again the most effective technique is jig and a minnow.

The season for Perch is All Year With a full limit Licence the daily limit is 50 and 50 in Possession With a Conservation Licence the daily limit is 10 and 10 in Possession